Eco- from the Greek oikos (household or home)

    topia- from the Greek topos (place)

Our mission at Seeking Ecotopia is to find people that are living in harmony with each other, their place, and the planet.  We believe that Ecotopias exist everywhere around the world, and that their stories need to be widely shared, to inspire others to adopt a more sustainable and ultimately fulfilling way of life.


The fun part is that no two Ecotopias are the same.  They are as diverse as all of Earth's walks of life. And, in contradiction to what the -topia part of the name might suggest, it is possible that no Ecotopia may ever be complete or perfect.  You can find pieces scattered here and there, strewn about a city or dispersed throughout a country like pollen carried on the wind.  Our goal is to identify those pieces of Ecotopia and share them with you - because it is up to all of us as humans of this earth to decide what our future is going to look like.  

At Seeking Ecotopia, we are not making any specific prescriptions for an ideal society. We are merely sharing what we have found in our explorations, with the hope that this will inspire others to take a look at how they can bring the Ecotopian ideal to their own life.



There are so many different facets to an Ecotopia.  We will focus mostly on the ones that are of specific interest to us:  


  • compelling urban design

  • medicinal plant knowledge

  • plant-based food havens

  • conscious and community living

  • centers for healing and introspection

  • how we ourselves are finding a fulfilling life of travel and exploration


We are also sure that this site will evolve over time.  Some posts may focus more on accounts of our travels, with smatterings of Ecotopia thrown in.  Other entries may center more on a specific theme we have been thinking about. One thing is certain though: there is a lot out there to discover, and we are excited to share the small bit that we find.


 Questions / suggestions / input / or would like to say hello?  Write us! seekingecotopia@gmail.com