• Donna

Night Ramblings in Leon, Spain

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

The city has just founds it´s breath.

The end of siesta is long past,

And dinners have found their way into satisfied tummies.

The bars burst forth contented people onto the cobble-stoned streets and squares,

Where they add their pulsating energy to the invigorating crisp fall air.

Appreciative of this atmosphere,

But feeling the call of something more clandestine,

I accept the invitation of narrow streets and alleyways,

Following the scent of silence blowing in on the breeze.

A Iong meandering is not required to find myself removed from the hubbub,

And in a different energy field altogether.

Spanish Cherub Fountain

This oasis from the urban ruckus is as grandiose in size as it is in respite.

From the tip top of the simple brick bell tower of the 500 year old church,

To the pavilion of quiet cafes and bars,

To the rounded cobblestones artfully placed by the city´s ancestors centuries before,

This spiritual vortex is quintessentially felt by all who seek refuge here.

These include quiet couples and trios who have remained at the dinner table,

Lost in conversation and left behind,

As their fellow restaurant patrons sought out more sensational spheres.

Overtop a large fountain,

The patron saints of this nighttime sanctuary stand 50 feet high.

Two brothers with green and grey-washed canopies,

Playfully tickling one another's foliage.

Shaped as if a quail of mountainous proportions flew to this place,

Deposited her eggs and balanced them vertically on their timber supports,

And flew away towards the heavens,

Leaving her children to flourish in their serene urban home.

The air is still, for so too are the three-pronged leaves that coat them.

The brothers act as stage for a refreshing performance,

A collaboration between the obscure golden light of the square,

And the soft specter of the fountain's rippling water.

I watch entranced,

Until the tick-tock of time fetches me out of my reverie

And heralds me in the direction of my bed,

Where still more realms of serenity await.

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