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What to do with 2 Days in Frankfurt, Germany

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Here are some recommendations and high points from our 48-hour whirlwind tour of the bustling financial capital of Germany, Frankfurt am Main.

Entrance to the Deutsche Bahn Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof.

General Highlights
  1. The #FrankfurtBotanischerGartens (#botanical gardens) are free and a great refuge from the bustle of the city, featuring lovely #plants from all over the world. It's located behind the immaculate looking Palm Gardens (which do cost Euro).

  2. The #Hauptbanhof (train station) is an attraction in itself, with soaring steel beams and a glass roof. You’ll pass through here if you take any train in or out of Frankfurt. Recommended on cloudy days in the summer as it's essentially a green house.

  3. The suburb of #Horst on the outskirts of the city is a quaint #German town. It has the requisite Schloss, park by the river, and cobble-stoned main square — another great afternoon trip from #Frankfurt.

  4. The Altstadt of Frankfurt (Old Town) is picturesque and nicely preserved, but pretty over-run by tourists. Our favorite part here was the traditional market building, where we sampled the small selection of #vegan foods available. You can also buy some excellent [non-vegan] prepared dishes for lunch, and/or drink wine on the roof!

  5. If you also want to marvel at opulence and luxury to the extreme, take a stroll down Goethestrass. You’ll find almost every high-end store imaginable (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc), each manned by stern and bored-looking security guards in suits.

Vegan sides from the Frankfurt Market.
Delicious sides from the market form a perfect vegan meal

Barefoot woman at the Frankfurt Botanical Gardens.
Barefoot at the Botanischer Gartens

Ecotopian Extra:
  1. Frankfurt is apparently the MOST SUSTAINABLE city in the WORLD! (See: UrbanizeHub) We weren’t wholly wowed by it, but maybe we missed some of the important infrastructure points.

  2. Someone from Frankfurt is called a #Frankfurter. Also, the typical tube-shaped meat snack from the city is called a Frankfurter. So, what do you call a city local enjoying a wiener lunch? A Frankfurter eating a Frankfurter. We’ll leave any ensuing jokes here unsaid...

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