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Top 9 Things to do in Heidelberg, Germany

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

As a way of reflecting on our amazing time in Heidelberg, here are some of our highlights and great ideas should you decide to pay it a visit.

Sunset over Heidelberg, Germany skyline.

Top 3 Active Activities
  1. Walk up to the Schloss (Castle) for sunrise and sunset, exploring the grounds. No need to pay admission fee for the courtyard before 8am or after 6pm.

  2. Rent bikes from Heidelbikes and ride to Schwetzingen gardens on the glorious German network of bike paths.

  3. Hike up to the #Tingstette (amphitheater), visiting #PhilosophenWeg (Philosopher’s Way), cloister ruins, and observation towers en route.

Ruins of Heidelberg Castle in Germany.

Top 3 Relaxation Activities
  1. Pack a picnic and #radler refreshments, and sit on the banks of the Necker on a weekend afternoon.

  2. Buy a cold beverage and take in the sunset from the old bridge, listening to street performers.

  3. Enjoy a #vegan gelato and stroll through the #Hauptstrasse, pausing at many of the benches along the way, sitting next to the numerous Germans enjoying their own #gelato.

3 Other #Ecotopian Activities
  1. Contemplate the fact that the Castle is older than the entire #UnitedStates, and that people have continually inhabited this place for centuries. That billions of feet have falled on the stones you’re treading on, and billions more will in the future.

  2. Pretend you’re a child, and romp amongst the #German playgrounds. They’re realistic and, for the most part, made of natural materials. They also mimic fun childhood fantasies — pirate ships, fire trucks, etc.

  3. Purposefully get lost in the cobble-stoned back alleyways, leaving electronic devices at home, using your own wits to guide you.

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