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My First Impressions of India

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

After landing in the beautiful airport of #Kochi and experiencing my first #Indian head waggle from the passport officers (it really is more pronounced than I thought it would be!), we had our first high speed car race -- in the form of our taxi through the Kochi metropolitan area to Fort Kochi!

Wings street art Kochi India

This guy seriously had to think he was being chased by the bad guys -- swerving around pedestrians, veering into oncoming traffic, speeding up just to slam on the breaks a moment later....where most people are taught to drive by imagining a cup of hot coffee in between their thighs (don’t spill a drop!) this guy was taught that any coffee left in the cup was a disgrace to himself and maybe his national heritage (I’m still figuring out if this kind of driving is the norm here). And this lasted for about 2 hours, and me running on about 2 hours of sleep. In order to protect myself from exploding cortisol levels I slumped over and passed out, wishing for it to end but knowing deep down in the ether of my soul that we were doomed to live (or die) through this for some time yet.


I have been complaining about the ‘fall catching up to us’ for about a month now, first in #Spain, a few times here and there in #Morocco, then in very cold and rainy #Istanbul where I wanted to barricade myself behind blankets for the week.

Well I finally get to eat my words, because we have made it to the tropics, and IT IS HOT! And not only is it hot, it’s muggy AF! It’s like Florida in the summertime (...okay, maybe early spring). To quote Robin Williams quoting Adrian Cronauer quoting Roosevelt E Roosevelt, “it’s hot! It’s damn hot! It’s so hot, I saw these little guys in orange robes burst into flames!” ...Well maybe not that hot. But hotter than I’m used to that’s for dang sure! I will do my best to stop complaining and just be happy about whatever weather I get from now on.


We had our first non-consensual communion with Indian bugs. We woke up from a heavenly afternoon nap to tiny pinches from the teesyest #ants you can see with the naked eye. Tiny but ferocious. Our neighbors had the same problem and gave us some chalk so that we could write a threatening message to the ants. Although in reality it was poison chalk, and we encircled the bedposts with it, but still we wrote those ants a threatening message in our hearts.


Our first Indian food was delicious! We got the tomato fry and the chili mushroom at this great restaurant right on the harbor. Had to ask “which veg dishes do not have milk from the cow?” and there were a few options. We didn’t get an option about how spicy our dishes would come, they were just naturally a spice factor of 4+ out of 5. Two entrees, one bowl of rice, and three giant beers cost us $15. This restaurant was more on the expensive side, we will seek out cheaper tonight. (And not drink so much expensive booze!)

I am holding my breath for #chai that has an alternative to milk from the cow.


So our first 24 hours in #India were a success. Still waiting for that sacred moment when we say to ourselves “hey, we are comfortable here”. But until then, we will keep on being uncomfortable and learning from our discomfort, as is written in this great little article by Franklin, (which I will link to once it’s been published on a hot-shot travel website.)


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