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The 5 Health Benefits of Kneipp Gardens

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Of all the beautiful experiences we were privy to in #Tübingen and surrounding area,

the hour spent in the Kneipp Gartens in #Sigmaringen was the most sublime.

Water therapy at Kneipp Garden in Sigmaringen, Germany.

The garden is not very big - probably the average size of your typical pocket park - about 500 sq feet. But it is founded on the principles of the famous monk and #holistic healthcare advocate Sebastian Kneipp. He recognized these 5 pillars as the bedrock of good health:

  • Hydrotherapy - Healing with consistent submersion in cold water as a way of increasing circulation and strengthening the immune system.

  • Phytotherapy - basically a fancy word for herbalism

  • Excercise - health via excercise...what a thought!

  • Nutrition - He believed in a wholesome diet of whole grains, fruits and veggies, and limited meat

  • Balance - a healthy body isn't achievable without a healthy mind/spirit!

The gardens vilify those principles in simple yet extraordinary ways. Lovely herb patches and fruit trees line the perimeter. We spent an enjoyable 20 minutes moving along the patch, smelling and identifying each herb, and in some instances eating a tiny piece.

Herbalism at the Kneipp Garden in Sigmaringen, Germany

The main attraction is a ~20-foot course of knee-deep circulating cold water. Moving slowly around the rails is supposedly great for circualtion and immunity boosting. There is also a smaller fountain meant for submerging the arms up until the elbows and squeezing the hands several times. Rubbing down on the hands and legs after each respective practice is meant to aid in increasing circulation.

Find out more about these wonderful gardens here and at www.kneipp.com, and think about incorporating Kneipp's holistic hydrotheraphy rituals into your own life!

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