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Budget Friendly Vegan Food in Tübingen, Germany

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

If you are ever in Southern Germany and want a great city that is bustling yet peaceful, rife with history, art, and science, an epicenter of lovely day trips to midevil ruins, and overflowing with amazing vegan food, Tübingen is your place.

Giant bubbles in downtown Tubingen, Germany
Just down the way from Vegi a man was creating giant bubbles!

This medieval dreamtown is such for multiple reasons. It’s meandering old-town is right out of a 17th century novel about the pursuit of knowledge amidst religious turmoil, featuring really cute town squares and nonstop clanging church bells. Franklin and I were very lucky to have our great friend Saskia here as our host and guide. We spent 5 days enjoying the gently flowing Neckar River, the concentrated hustle and bustle of the old town, refreshing German beers, and so much fantastic vegan food!!! Because of its university town status, progressive minds are constantly streaming through, and what do a substantial number of those progressive minds desire? Hot, juicy, interesting plant-based food. And Tübingen abides.

Vegan pizza snack in Marktladen Tubingen Germany


Our first foray into this vegan paradise was at a little grocery right by the train station called #Marktladen, where several of the #pastries are #vegan and even have that blessed word noted right in the description. We got the Pizzaschnecke (the last one at that, and just in time because the woman in line behind me asked for one as well!). What a savory little spiral pastry lined with tomato sauce, bell pepper, and onion. Would buy again, (and did...twice...)

French fries with vegan mayonnaise at Vegi, Tubingen Germany


Our second stop was at an amazing restaurant called #Vegi, which sits in a picturesque alleyway that has many popular shops and restaurants. It’s a great place to enjoy refreshment and people-watch.  Their #pommes (#frenchfries) are served with vegan mayo, which take me back to the years I spent in Germany as a frenchfry-and-(non vegan)mayo-loving-teen.  Nostalgia achieved. €4 for Pommes and vegan mayo.

On our second visit to Vegi, we picked up some falafel #doner’s to go.  Their specialty is definitely their moist yet crisp #falafels and their huge selection of sauces.  BBQ sauce, mango chutney, plain hummus, a hummus of the day (ours was zucchini curry) peanut sauce, and tahini were just some of their specialty sauces.  (Fun fact - the BBQ doner is named after Obama!)

Vegan bowl at Esszimmer in Tubingen Germany.


Here is a wonderful bowl-style restaurant right on the Main Street up from the bridge.  €5 for a big fat bowl of sautéed vegetables jamming atop ith a base of friend potato’s, rice, bulgur, pasta, or a combination.  Tasty sauces completed the meal. We did a mix of peanut sauce and curry.  Oh!  And 50 cents more to add delicious little fried veggi-balls.  

We didn’t even chip the iceberg of the vegan options available here. No need to go hungry in this particular German town!

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