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Budget Friendly Fun in and around Tubingen, Germany, 2

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

More castles, friend-time, and hospitalizations.

Sigmaringen Castle along the Danube River.
Sigmaringen Castle along the Danube River.

It was one of those instants in life where time seems to stand still. It’s funny how you become hyper-aware in these situations and all sensations take on a new sharpness and clarity. Cruising down a big hill and almost to our destination, Patrick had tried to hop from the road to the curb. But he was on a road bike with thin wheels, and riding at a speed much too fast for said maneuver.

Dazed injured man.

The bicycle stopped beneath him and his body kept moving, slamming into a glass sign on the sidewalk. When I reached him 5 seconds later, his legs were still tangled amongst the bike, right hand bloodied and filled with glass. Amazingly, besides a bruised shoulder, the rest of him was perfectly fine, and he was soon laughing off the accident. But for a period of 15 minutes or so, we were all in shock mode, waving to passing cars that we were okay, that help was coming. Fortunately, Saskia’s friend Andi has medical training, and he came to the rescue with a car and first-aid kit. After some initial triage, deliberation at Andi’s house, and a broken watermelon, it was decided that the hospital was the best option.

This was a difficult situation since Patrick wasn't sure if he was insured - his mom and gotten a new job and he didn't know if he was on her insurance or not. Luckily, he heard back from her and did have insurance! Oh to be 25 again. Had he not been insured he may have ended up shelling out a fortune to visit a foreign hospital. Melanie Pinola from Lifehacker.com offers other reasons why travel insurance is a good idea here.

After a couple of hours of sitting in the waiting room, Patrick was stitched up and good to go, and in remarkably high spirits as we ended the night with a celebratory beer in town.

Women hugging in Sigmaringen, Germany.

The next day was excursion day once again! We took the train to Sigmaringen, a town an hour away known for its opulent castle owned by the Hohenzoller family. The tour takes you through some of the historical rooms in the castle, where you learn more about this dynasty and living habits of medieval European royalty than you ever needed to know. Eg: it was the first castle in all of Europe to adopt indoor plumbing. The rest of the Sigmaringen is your stereotypical quaint German mountain town. The castle overlooks everything, an impressive sight when you’re sitting on the banks of the Danube having lunch. There are beautiful bakeries around every corner serving lavish ice cream drinks and enormous slices of apple strudel. Cobblestoned streets lead to well-maintained gardens, where you can mingle with locals taking the afternoon air. Or visit the Sebastion Kneipp Garden for some holistic healing!

Two people pose behind a garden boat in Tubingen Germany.

With our return to Tubingen, the rest of the visit began to wind down. We did manage to have a farewell drink and vegan gelato on the banks of the Necker, watching gondoliers pushing by, imagining what daily life must be like in this town. But, alas, the road calls, and a rolling stone has to keep rolling. Onward to Barcelona.

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