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Vegan Comfort Food in Heidelberg, Germany

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Maybe you want to reward yourself for a robust walk up to the castle….or you’re just missing home and want a little food love - in any case, salad is not on your agenda today.

Here’s an afternoon of delicious vegan comfort food in Altstadt (old-town) Heidelberg.

Vegan currywurst and french fries from MyCurrywurst in Heidelberg, Germany.
Vegan currywurst and french fries from MyCurrywurst

Start your day just off Bismarckplatz, the transportation hub of Altstadt. On the northwest corner of Rohrbacher Strasse and Kurfüsten-Anlage is a very vegan-friendly spot called Mahlzeit Burger, where 3 different types of vegan patties are offered. These things are giant, so buying the burger by itself for ~€7 is a pretty good deal for this area. (Not the best deal in town - for example just up the street at Restaurant Arbil Döner Imbiss you can get vegan döner or yufka for €3.50 - but this is your day of vegan comfort food...no wraps filled with balls of fried chickpeas and mounds of crisp vegetables allowed!).

Vegan Burger from Mahlzeit in Altstadt Heidelberg, Germany.

After you’ve used up all the napkins to wipe the grease off your fingers at Mahlzeit, take a pit-stop at Rewe, the grocery store just inside the mall that Mahlzeit is in and grab a bar of vegan chocolate and a beverage of some kind to enjoy. The vegan chocolate is in a special section to the right of the fresh bread bins. (Remember if it’s Sunday, they’ll be closed).

The perfect place to enjoy this comfort snack is across the river on the Neckarwiese. This offers a lovely view of the Schloss (the castle), Alte Brücke (the old bridge) and probably lots of Germans also relaxing on the Neckarwiese.

After some time here, or maybe you’ve also taken a short excursion up to Philosophenweg to reflect on comfort food addiction on this day, mosey east on the riverbank towards the Alte Brücke. Cross over slowly and marvel at the beauty of town and river, then continue to mosey up to the Haupstrasse to MyCurrywurst, just a block West of the huge church, the Heiliggeistkirche. Here, you can get vegan currywurst - delicious morsels of vegan sausage hiding in great mounds of curry ketchup. It’s like a delightful treasure hunt. You can get this on it’s own for ~€4 or add tasty pommes (french fries) for ~€3 more.

Vegan Ice Cream in downtown Heidelberg, Germany

After currywurst has been happily ingested, if there’s time or the desire for one last vegan comfort stop, then backtrack about 200 meters to That’s Gelato. I was shocked to discover that they have about 5 vegan offerings, including a very dark chocolate flavor. That paired with the cherry was excellent. And 2 giant scoops cost me €3.

Now go back to your accommodations, and don’t think about what you’ve done. But maybe before passing out, promise yourself that tomorrow you’ll eat some vegetables.

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