I love inspiring connection, self-reflection, and understanding. All classes are donation based, and can be customized depending on your preference.
Please contact seekingecotopia@gmail.com to schedule!

▷▶▷ Theater Improv ◁◀◁

What is more magical than coming together to create alternate realities using only the space you’re in and your group’s collective creativity?  There are numerous benefits that occur when this magic happens, such as learning to trust your instincts, thinking/reacting positively to the world around you, and honing your listening skills.

I lead the group in several different ‘games’ which get the creativity flowing and often result in copious amounts of laughter.  It’s pretty much impossible to not feel a special kind of bond with a group of people you do improv with. Therefore it is perfect for workmates, bands, friends, and strangers, and a great way to practice English! Classes can occur anywhere a group can have privacy -- a bar during extremely slow hours, a quiet section of park, or a retreat center can all be great venues.  

🜛🜣🜛 Walking Meditation and Music Meditation 🜛🜣🜛

These forms of meditation offer something tangible to focus on, and for some people can be an easier form of meditation than seated meditation.  A phenomenal way to experience the mind-body connection, feel every sensation of the body, and focus on the breath.

Where walking meditation calls the meditator to be completely aware of every move that they make before they make it, music meditation is different in that a meditator is aware of their body, but they are allowing the music to move them.  They aren’t calling the shots, but are aware of the breath and the movements when they come. A great class for any retreat center, event-space, or get-together of mindful folks.  A class can be a combination of both forms of meditation, or focus on one type.


◐◑◐ Song Circles & Chanting ◑◐◑

There is something satisfyingly primal about coming together with a group of people and expressing your energy through voice.  I have many simple chants that I teach, some accompanied by ukulele, but most enacted with only the collective sound of the participants.  And it’s welcome if people want to bring their own instruments to add. It’s always a very soul-invigorating experience.


◈◈◈ Writing Classes ◈◈◈

Writing is an incredible form of expression, especially for us folks with bad memories, or who aren’t such eloquent speakers!  My writing classes are comprised of time to share previously recorded life reflections with the group, as well as the option to participate in a prompted writing exercise that causes one to think esoterically about the world around them.  If you have a distinct topic you would like the writing to revolve around, I can usually work that in. Writing classes are a great form of expression, a bonding experience for workmates, bands, friends, and strangers, and a great way to practice English!